Dear LMCA Members –;

Mac Bay Get-Away starts in only five days!  We have a terrific group registered and are eagerly anticipating seeing so many of you at the Shrimp Boil, Saturday dinner, and other events!

Here are some things you can help with. . .


Don’t forget about our Auction to be held after the Shrimp Boil on ‪Friday night. The Auction has always been a fun conclusion to our first day of events at Rendezvous. The auction’s proceeds will benefit youth sailing in the West Michigan area. The proceeds will be used by LMCA to provide scholarships to youths interested in learning to sail that might not otherwise have the means to pursue this dream.

Please help us to support this worthwhile cause. 

What do you need to do? It’s simple. Just bring an item(s) to be auctioned. What you bring is up to you. The item can be nautical or not. You can re-gift a present you can’t use, recycle a boating accessory you no longer need, or just bring something interesting or tasty.  Unlike some prior years, this will NOT be a brown bag auction; people will not be bidding “blind”.

Past items have included nautical beer or wine glasses,  art, lighthouses, safety gear, ship’s bells, gift certificates, books—you name it!  Then the bidding begins. The bidding can get fierce — so bring lots of cash or your check book!


It’s time to clean out your dockbox, bilge and all those other storage areas where you may be stashing (or hoarding) nautical and boating related items that you now realize you will not need or use.  All you need to do is bring that stuff to Rendezvous on Friday. You can display it on the lawn while we are prepping for the Shrimp Boil and negotiate a sale. If you are unable to find a buyer, and don’t feel like packing it up to take home, you can donate it to the Auction.


Are you willing to host others for a tour on your boat on Saturday afternoon?  You’ll have the opportunity to sign-up at registration and open your boat from 4-5:00 pm Saturday afternoon.  Show off that gorgeous boat, the new decor, or just be a friendly spot to stop in and visit.

Once again, thanks for your participation to make LMCA’s 2021 Rendezvous a success!

Ted Vogel

LMCA Commodore