“What’s in a life without Camaraderie? For setting sail on a ship with a band of merry brothers by your side is much more gratifying than drifting aimlessly on a boat lost alone at sea.” “When ships & nature sail through life together, friendships will last forever.” -Saim .A. Cheeda



Here is hoping that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Now that we have that Holiday in the book, we can look forward to seeing the Big Guy” in the Red suit, soon making his presence upon us.

So if you haven’t already made plans to join us for our annual LMCA meeting and Christmas Party, please do!

We will be gathering this coming Saturday, December 7th at 6:00 pm. Our gracious hosts are Jo and Rod Schmidt. We will be meeting up for an enjoyable evening of snacks, desserts and fine camaraderie. Please bring a beverage of your choice to enjoy for the evening.  We will also be confirming our slate of officers and directors for the 2020 season and we still need someone to fulfill the position of Vice Commodore!

Rod and Jo’s address is: 12221 Sandy Woods Dr. Grand Haven, MI 40417.  (616-846-1361 in case you get lost)

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Donna Hathaway-Commodore LMCA