Dear LMCA Members —

SURVEY:  As you know, in recent years, Lake Michigan Catalina Association has experienced declining membership and reduced boat ownership.  The club also has experienced a loss of volunteers willing to carry out the work the club entails.  A couple weeks ago we sought your views as to the future of LMCA.  Most (two-thirds) of members responded to the survey.  Thank you for your input!  The responses, however, do not support continuation of the club as we have known it, with less than half (46%) supporting continuing LMCA.  More importantly, however, is that most of those who want LMCA to continue also indicated a lack of willingness or ability to join the board and help plan future events. That is understandable, as many of you have contributed much over the years, but the reality is that LMCA requires a bit of effort.  If the club were to be dissolved, 71% of responses support contributing all or a portion of LMCA’s net remaining funds to youth sailing programs.

GRAND FINALE BASH:  So at our meeting last week, your board decided that the time has come to phase down LMCA.  We are delighted that the team of Lisa Ruoff, Annie VanTol, and Mary Jane Schoenherr has proposed to lead the board and organize a GRAND FINALE BASH!  This evening social event, likely to feature a shrimp boil dinner, is tentatively planned for June 11, 2022, at MBYC.  At that time we also would hold a membership vote on dissolving the club and contributing remaining funds to youth sailing.

FUTURE OF LMCA: Although your board’s decision moves LMCA toward a dissolution of the LMCA corporate entity and an end to annual Rendezvous, we would welcome a continuation of the LMCA group on a more informal basis.  Communication can be done through our Facebook page or by email, and periodic social events also could be organized on an informal basis. The board will work out details of the proposed dissolution and related matters over the next few months.

CHRISTMAS PARTY /ANNUAL MEETING:  Saturday, December 4, 6 – 9 PM at Rod and Jo Schmidt, 12221 Sandy Woods Dr, Grand Haven.  Please bring the beverage of your choice.   Light finger food/desserts will be provided. NOTE: Due to the recent sharp rise in Covid cases in West Michigan, our hosts have requested that ONLY VACCINATED MEMBERS are welcome to attend the Christmas Party / Annual Meeting.  All other LMCA members are encouraged to submit their proxies by email to the commodore or secretary. 

ELECTION OF 2022 BOARD:  At the Christmas Party/Annual meeting, you will have the opportunity to vote on the slate of candidates nominated by the board, as follows: 

Commodore:  Lisa Ruoff

Vice Commodore:  Annie VanTol

Secretary:  Janet Magennis

Treasurer:  Gretchen Forsyth

Directors (terms expiring 12/31/23):  Mary Jane Schoenherr; Janet Standish

Director (to fill Lisa Ruoff’s term expiring 12/31/22):  Donna Hathaway

Remaining on the board will be Ted Vogel, as Past Commodore, and Jon Bontekoe, whose director term goes to 12/31/22.  By the way, Lisa and Annie plan to run as “co-commodores”, despite what our bylaws say. . .  🙂

If you are unable to attend the Christmas Party / Annual Meeting, please email me commodore@lmca.com or our secretary, Janet Magennis jmmagennis@yahoo.com for a proxy. 

Although this marks a somewhat bittersweet turn of events for us, it reflects a reality that a number of us have been contemplating for some time.  Let’s make these remaining events happy and memorable times together.


Ted Vogel, Commodore