Dear LMCA Members —

I am delighted to announce that Rod and Jo Schmidt once again will be hosting our Christmas Party and Annual Meeting at their home in Grand Haven.  The date is Saturday, December 4, 6:00 PM.   Their address is 12221 Sandy Woods Dr, Grand Haven, MI.   Please bring a beverage of your choice.  Hors d’oeuvres and desserts will be furnished. 

Now, for the big decision:

A lively discussion occurred at a recent board meeting regarding the future of LMCA, and we decided to survey you, the members, for your opinions.

As has become evident, LMCA as an organization has been changing.  Gone are the days when many members sailed in for Rendezvous, eagerly looking forward to an active weekend of racing and other sailing activities.  In fact, many of us have given up sailing, and in some cases boating, altogether.  We have become primarily a social group, and a smaller one at that.  Although many of us still enjoy getting together for social events, we now have less interest in participating in the substantial work of organizing these events and doing the necessary work of the board and officers of the club.  Many of us have been there, done that.  And that’s OK.

So, the board would like your views.  Is this the time to discontinue the club?  Or is a there a broad consensus to continue the group and a willingness to come forward with your time and energy to run the club and its events?   If the decision is made to terminate the club, we would need to dissolve LMCA as a legal entity, pay any outstanding bills, and distribute the remaining funds.  The club currently has about $4000, or approximately $100 per member (with a couple/household generally being considered one “member”).  Normally a club such as LMCA is required to distribute its remaining funds to its members, but some have suggested that the membership could vote to give all or a portion of its funds to related organizations, such a youth sailing clubs.


Please provide one survey response per household/member.  Thanks!

Note:  The survey itself will NOT determine the future of LMCA.  You, the members, will make that decision by a vote of the members at the annual meeting.  The board will use the results of the survey as guidance when it decides what to present to  you at the annual meeting on Dec. 4.

LMCA has been a great place to make friendships, share sailing interests, and enjoy good food and social events.  New members have joined in recent years who, in part due to Covid cancellations, have not yet been able to fully enjoy the commaradarie that this club provides.  But now is the time to discuss and decide the future of the club.

Hope to see you soon at the Christmas Party/Annual Meeting.


Ted Vogel, Commodore