LMCA Sponsorship

The LMCA Sponsorship Form is now available (in the link below).

Why Would You Become a Sponsor?  Ask someone who has attended a Mac Bay Get-Away what they remember, and one of the things mentioned will be the door prizes and the registration packets. We all like getting a “little something extra”. Those “little extras” are possible because of our sponsors. Whether the sponsorship is in the form of money with which we can purchase door prizes or in the form of merchandise that can be included in the registration packets or added to the door prize table, those sponsorships add value to the Rendezvous for those attending. Why not consider becoming a sponsor yourself? Becoming a sponsor of LMCA is easy and has several benefits for you. 1. It gets your name/business in front of fellow sailors for an entire year (on our website and in our newsletter) or maybe you just want to support the organization. 2. …and depending on your level of sponsorship, it may also entitle you to attend the Summer Rendezvous for “FREE”. Most of our sponsors “come on board” just before the Summer Rendezvous. Sponsorship levels are designated by a donation of cash or merchandise:

    • Gold Level – $500
    • Silver Level – $250
    • Bronze Level – $150
    • Friend Level – $100

As a sponsor, you will receive, for one year, a link from our website to yours …the frequency being determined by the level of sponsorship.Additionally: sponsorship at the Bronze level earns you two paid Shrimp Boil tickets.Sponsorship at the Silver level earns one paid rendezvous guest package including meals.  Sponsorship at the Gold level earns you two rendezvous guest packages including meals. Perhaps an LMCA sponsorship makes sense for your situation. If you would like to be a sponsor, you may do so by completing the form via the link below or contact Commodore Hathaway at commodore@lmca.com for additional information regarding the benefits of sponsorship.

Click here for the LMCA Sponsorship Form