Dear LMCA Members —

We are anticipating seeing most of you in TWO DAYS at Mac Bay Get-Away 2021.  Just a few reminders. . .

BRING AUCTION ITEMS FOR THE YOUTH SAILING AUCTION ON FRIDAY!  Anything, really, whether nautical or otherwise, new or used, baked goods or crafts, serious or comical, gear you no longer need. . .  It’s up to your imagination.  We’ll have a little fun, and raise some funds for youth sailing scholarships.

BRING GEAR FOR THE DOCK BOX AND BILGE SALE ON FRIDAY!  Yup, you’ve got some stuff you just know you’ll never need.  Now’s the time to convert it into HARD COLD CASH and help over-equip some other lucky sailor.  And if it doesn’t sell and you don’t want to haul it back home, you can donate it to the auction. 

SATURDAY MORNING SPEAKER —  You won’t want to miss this gem.  Retired Commander John Stone, USCG, will enlighten us with some of the latest marine-related developments, including new charting technologies, AIS, marine wind farms, many stories from his days commanding the Mackinaw.  Saturday morning at 10:30 AM.

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES AND TOUR D’BOATS — More information and sign-up sheets will be available at registration and Saturday morning for the afternoon activities, and to offer to host visitors on a tour of your boat Saturday afternoon.

The weather, particularly Saturday, is looking very pleasant!  Let’s have a great Rendezvous!

Ted Vogel