Oh Boy! Where has all the time gone? It seems as if it was just last night that we were getting together to share fellowship and a great meal. Wasn’t that a wonderful presentation that Mary Schmidt put on for our group? A BIG “Shout Out” to Mary and our wonderful Board of Directors for a great evening to kick off Spring.

I, like many of you, am working very hard at prepping my boat for launch. Well, maybe I am! I seem to still be chasing that elusive “Tom.” If he would just give in and let me bag him, I would have more time to get my boat ready to launch. She splashes this Friday, so I need to kick it up a notch or two!  Gobble, Gobble.. I still hear him calling! Hopefully, I’ll get both done!

Things will be moving fast for most of us if we are to get our boats done before launch day. It’s probably best to make a list and stick to it. Oh my, that list just goes on and on! Then. when you add, other spring chores, it’s a wonder that we have any time left to relax. So, make a list and try and stick to it. Maybe it will help. But, if you are like me, it’s always a challenge to figure out where you put the list! I do know that first on my list would be to mark July 12 – 14 on the calendar for the “Mac Bay Get Away” to be held at MBYC in Holland, Michigan. This will be the 25thanniversary of our Catalina Rendezvous. Our board of directors are working hard at making this year’s Rendezvous a memorable one. We guarantee that this will be a weekend that you don’t want to miss. Watch for upcoming Blog/News release with more detailed information.

This is the picture of the “Jake” that I got last Spring. I’ve been eyeing a “Tom” this spring that is much Bigger! I’ll let you know If I bag him.

Donna Hathaway – Commodore – LMCA