Based on the rapidly-changing coronavirus situation, the LMCA board has cancelled Spring Thing, which had been scheduled for April 25. At this point, it appears that we could not reliably plan for such an event prior to Memorial Day. Those of you who have already registered for the event will receive a refund.

We remain optimistic that Rendezvous will proceed as planned July 17-19, 2020, and continue to plan accordingly. Hopefully by then we’ll all be celebrating turning the corner on this nasty bug!  We’d love to get your ideas for programs and activities as we plan the Rendezvous.  Please contact me or any board member.  My email is tedvogel79@gmail.com.

Your board also is entertaining the idea of — get this — a “Fall Fling” dinner event to occur, say, in October this year. We’ll want your input on that in the near future.

Despite the recent distractions, most of you by now have renewed your LMCA membership for 2020. For those of you who haven’t, please do so in the near future.  In May, we plan to print and mail to each of you the 2020 member directory, so please renew prior to April 30 to be included.  2020 dues remain only $25 for a family membership, and you have the option of adding or renewing a subscription to Catalina’s Mainsheet magazine for an additional $15.

We’ll be making more use of the LMCA Facebook group, which is a great forum for exchanging posts, pictures, and other news.  It is a private group, meaning the admin needs to approve your access.  If you are already in it, the following link will work:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1135075549865606/   If you’re not in but would like to be, we’ll update this soon on how you can be added.

Here’s to sailing out of choppy water soon. . .

Ted Vogel