“SPRING THING” “Snowbirds and Snow Bunnies”

As the days get longer, temps get warmer and steady breezes abound, we look forward to getting our boats ready for the sailing season.  Spring usually brings me to breaking out my buffer. Oh, how I like to make that hull shine. But, this spring it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of my time with a chainsaw. My yard is quite the disaster. An awful lot of limbs came down in the ice storm.  However, there is no need to dwell on tasks that aren’t necessarily fun. Positive thoughts, for an early and warm spring is what I’m wishing for, aren’t you?


As the “Snowbirds” begin to migrate North, it’s a sure sign that Spring is on its way. Those of us who are “Snow Bunnies” gladly await their arrival. This migration is a true indication that the boating season is just around the corner. We happily welcome them “Home!”


With Spring and the boating season approaching, so does our annual “Spring Thing.” This year we will again assemble at Jack’s, Holiday Inn in Spring Lake/Grand Haven. The Dinner and Program is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th at 6:00pm. Registration is now open on the LMCA website. We ask that you make your reservations by March 31st to give Jack’s adequate time to accommodate us. Please take a look at the menu choices I have listed below.


We have set the Dinner price the same as last year, $35. The inclusive price includes a garden salad with warm rolls and butter, chef’s choice dessert, soft drinks and a self-serve coffee station following dinner service. They will also set up a portable cash bar. Bar service will offer domestic bottled beer, imported/craft bottled beer, house varietal wines, and mixed drinks. Alcoholic beverage pricing ranges from $4.50 to $6.50 per drink.


We are offering three entree choices.  You will have to make your selection when registering.



Prepared in the classic chateaubriand-style, tenderloin seared to medium-medium rare topped with béarnaise, served with chef’s choice starch and chef’s choice vegetable


Panko Whitefish

Pan-seared panko and herb-crusted whitefish topped with a citrus dill cream sauce, served with chef’s choice starch and chef’s choice vegetable


Pesto Primavera (vegetarian)

Seasonal roasted vegetables, penne, house pesto cream


Desert will be Chefs Choice.


This years guest speaker will be Mary Schmidt, author and Great Lakes Activist. She is a former Catalina 30 owner and should fit in nicely with all of us.

Mary’s newest book, “Uncharted Waters” will be available to purchase   at Spring Thing.



Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with Mary by reading the following press release.

Uncharted Waters:
Romance, Adventure, and Advocacy on the Great Lakes
By Mary McKSchmidt

This beautiful memoir chronicles a lifelong affair–with water. It tells of a heart smitten by the embrace of a great lake, and the author’s journey to love, enjoy and fight for, these freshwater jewels.
—Todd L. Ambs, Campaign Director, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition

Mary McKSchmidt is an adventurer—a woman who has wandered across southern Africa; achieved success in positions typically held by men; hikes, bikes, and camps alone; and joins her fun-loving, equally-adventuresome husband on sailing voyages across the sometimes treacherous, always unpredictable, waters of Lake Michigan. When she discovered that Lake Michigan and all the Great Lakes are at risk, potentially damaged beyond repair, she replaced her briefcase, calculator, and business suit with a notepad, camera, and foul weather gear and embarked on a new adventure, this time to help create the political will necessary to clean up and protect the lakes.
Written in a voice that is charming, witty, and honest, McKSchmidt’s Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure, and Advocacy on the Great Lakes (14 Karat Books, July 20, 2018) is the story of a Fortune 500 executive learning to sail, learning to love, and learning to fight for the water and life she holds dear. Captivating, heart-warming, and insightful, Uncharted Waters is not just a love story, but a call to action.  It serves as a reminder that while we can live without a lot of things, clean, safe drinking water is not one of them.
24 million people in the U.S. and 9.8 million people in Canada rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water, jobs, and their way of life. Additionally, more than 3,500 species of plants and animals live in the Great Lakes basin. And yet about 22 million pounds of plastic flows into the Great Lakes each year.“From not releasing balloons to checking labels on sunscreen to not watering lawns in the midst of a rain shower, we can all make a difference in protecting fresh water for ourselves and future generations,” shares McKSchmidt. “Just as I must balance the forces of nature while behind the wheel of a sailboat, I discover I must heed the voice of my heart as well as my mind to reach those I hope to engage in creating the political will necessary to prioritize the lakes so integral to our lives, so easy to take for granted.”

About the Author:
Mary Schmidt is a former executive for Baxter Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company, who writes under the pen name “Mary McKSchmidt.” She is a contributor to Michigan Blue and Sail magazines, a former columnist for The Holland Sentinel, and has written op-ed pieces for MLive. Her essay “Can One Person Make a Difference?” was read in the opening session of the 2006 Great Lakes Restoration Conference, sponsored by the Healing Our Waters Coalition, which includes more than 145 organizations advocating for the restoration and protection of the Great Lakes. Her essay “Behind the Lens of a Camera” was also selected to appear in the 2016 Bear River Review.

The poet and photographer of Tiny Treasures: Discoveries Made Along the Lake Michigan Coast, along with her 2018 release Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure, and Advocacy on the Great Lakes, Schmidt is a natural storyteller who has shared her adventures with audiences at garden clubs, professional women’s organizations, state and county nature centers, assisted-living facilities, and environmental organizations throughout West Michigan. Her monthly blog and “Skosh of Poetry” may be found at www.marymckschmidt.com or her Facebook Page.

Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure, and Advocacy on the Great Lakes is available at booksellers nationwide,
Amazon and other online retailers.



Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone at “Spring Thing.”

Donna Hathaway, Commodore – LMCA