As I look outside while I’m writing this, I’m trying to imagine Spring and the beginning of the Sailing Season. It’s hard, very hard to believe that today is the Vernal Equinox. My lawn is quickly turning from the brownish-green that you see while doing spring cleanup to a white covered snowscape. It looks as though I may have to put my rake away and grab the snow shovel again. Arghhh!!!


Today is not only the Spring Equinox, it is also a Full Moon. In fact, it is a Super Moon. The March Full Moon is also known as the Worm Moon. This is because it coincides with the time of the year when earthworms begin to emerge from the thawing soils. That’s why this equinox supermoon is also being called a Super Worm Moon. I guess that I’m just wishing it was a Super Warm Moon!


Well, that’s just about enough talk of snow and cold! Let’s turn our thoughts to Spring and our upcoming Spring Thing. If you have already registered for dinner, I Thank You and I look forward to seeing you on April 13th. If you haven’t yet registered and plan on attending please follow this link to do so,  Spring Thing Registration. Please register by March 31st so that “Jack’s” has enough time to prepare for our event. If you need to review the dinner choices, or see the program that we have planned, please see my article “Spring Thing” – “Snowbirds and Snow Bunnies”  by following the embedded link.


Well I hope you enjoyed the Super Worm Moon that certainly marks the beginning of a Great Boating Season!

Donna Hathaway, Commodore LMCA